FAVORITE ITEMS TO BUY: Ground beef and sirloin, sometimes ground lamb or goat.

NEW RECIPE SHE’S EAGER TO TRY: Food Network’s herb-crusted steak with tarragon and pepper: “It looked interesting.”
(CLICK HERE for directions on how to make a herb and pepper crusted grilled rib-eye steak.)

DO YOU EAT DIFFERENTLY AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR? No, not really. I don’t let the holidays influence what I eat. I know when enough is enough. I might have a cookie or two, but that’s it.

SHOPPING FOR: I’m lactose intolerant so I can only have non-cow dairy products. I am trying to eat gluten-less – not totally gluten-free, but gluten-less. I feel better when I do that.

WHY DO YOU SHOP RFD? Mostly because of the no-hormones, no-antibiotics, fresh meat. I’ve been coming here for 18 years now. My daughter started having problems when she was 10, and we traced it back to the milk and the meat we were eating. Somebody told me about this store, and I’ve been coming here ever since: to get the good stuff. There’s no cut of meat I wouldn’t eat here. In fact, I have a hard time choosing which one to pick. My husband really likes your frozen hamburger patties, because he’s on a low-carb diet. He can just grab one out and put it on the grill. (Please note: Frozen patties are no longer stocked in the freezer case at RFD but are still available by special order.)

FAVORITE RESOURCES FOR RECIPES: I’m a Food Network aficionado (both the TV channel and website.) I’m always looking for something new or different. I like Guy Fieri and his “triple D”: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. That’s one of my favorite things to watch. We actually went to a place in Santa Fe that was on the show a few weeks ago. It was fun. It was called the Tune-up Cafe. It’s in a residential neighborhood, and they have really good food. I had the lamb burger with cheese on a homemade bun. They had great chili rellenos (my husband’s a big chili rellenos man.) All homemade, just good stuff.

GO-TO RECIPE: I like making chili with RFD hamburger meat. It’s a simple thing, it’s nothing major, just crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, throw in some chilies and then a little chipotle, maybe some cumin, salt and pepper, to taste. It’s just really filling. I do it all the time. Sometimes I throw in corn. I used to add pasta, but since I’ve changed my diet, now I’ll put it over rice instead and add cheese on top.