Putting a finishing sear on “sou vide” steaks requires oil with a high smoke point. Looking at various options to achieve this, Melissa (Ranch Foods Direct retail manager and procurement specialist) discovered an ingenious product invented and marketed in neighboring Nebraska.

Gourmet Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray, from Cornhusker Kitchen, puts the rich flavor of duck fat into spray form without artificial additives including – most impressively – no propellant (the oil is in a bag inside the can, and compressed air forces the oil out when you press the button.) Duck fat is a favorite of chefs and a staple of French cuisine, credited with the so-called “French paradox” (whereby the French enjoy rich and delicious foods but report half the heart problems of other geographical regions like the U.S.)

While duck fat spray is a handy solution for getting the perfect sear on meat, the potential uses don’t stop there: it’s recommended for everything from crispy golden French fries to omelettes and frittatas to savory baked goods.