Grilled steaks, burgers and tacos… those are some of Judy Purcell’s summer favorites. “I like to get a bone-in rib-eye and have it cut an inch and a half thick… you want a nice crust on the outside when you grill it, and an inch and a half to me is the perfect thickness for getting a good crust on the outside but it’s still nice and pink on the inside.”

“Another great thing for summer-time is tacos. One of my favorite recipes is my skirt steak tacos with two different marinades, buttermilk and chipotle chile lime marinade. We’ve had parties centered around that. Just throw a few skirt steaks on the grill and then have a taco bar. It’s an easy way to get people together to enjoy good, healthy food. The recipe is on my Savoring Today blog.” CLICK HERE

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