“What brings you to Ranch Foods Direct today?”

Jeff Frantz, Colorado Springs

What are you shopping for today?
Dinner! Today I wasn’t quite sure what to get. In this case, I’m going with a lamb chop. And I always buy my eggs here.

What first brought you to Ranch Foods Direct?
I’ve been shopping here several years now. I drive down Fillmore all the time and I kept seeing the big sign on the corner and I thought I should check it out. Now I shop here every other week or so.

What brings you back?
They know where everything is from. They make great recommendations for steak cuts I’ve never tried before.

Do you try to eat lighter or healthier or otherwise differently after the holidays?
I eat relatively healthy all of the time. After the holidays, I guess I do have a little more impetus to eat right, or really anytime I’ve had something I know isn’t good for me. Typically I do a lot of Asian cooking: thai curries, stir fry, stuff like that. If I’m eating beef, though, it’s a steak. I save the red meat for special occasions. I eat a lot of chicken. And bacon. It’s good for the mind! Moderation in all things, you know?