By now, you’ve probably heard about “sous vide” (pronounced sue veed) the French name for a trendy meat cooking technique that involves vacuum-sealing a cut of meat in an airless bag with flavorings and seasonings and then placing it into a circulating water bath for slow and precise cooking.

What makes this method so attractive is its precision and the ease with which a cut of meat can be fully cooked without drying it out or losing any its beefy flavor. An increasing number of gadgets have come on the market to simplify the process at home, but you can also eliminate that step with Callicrate Beef prepped in-house using the sous vide method.

“We’re the only place I know of where you can buy a sou vide steak,” says Ranch Foods Direct’s Chef and Director of Product Development Aaron Miller (shown above)

To finish off a sou vide steak, all that is required is a good searing on a hotgrill (or in a cast-iron pan) to get a nice caramelized char. Before searing, simply coat steak in oil with a high smoke point: popular options are avocado oil, canola oil or mayonnaise. Cuts like sirloin are ready in minutes without the painstaking, time-consuming cooking process. Pick up Chef Aaron’s detailed written instructions at the store and try it for yourself!

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