“Maytag is the best blue cheese there is,” Sharon (Nemeth) says. Get yours at Ranch Foods Direct.

1 c. heavy cream
1 c. simple brown gravy
1-2 oz. blue cheese
2 T. brandy liquor

Start by taking one c. of heavy cream and reducing it by half on a low simmer. (Heat should be high but not boiling.) Time it takes will vary but using a skillet speeds the process. Reducing the whipping cream gives the sauce its richness.

Make 1 c. of a simple brown gravy (you can use a quick gravy mix, which takes minutes, or make a simple brown sauce from scratch.)

Preheat a saute pan until very hot.

Melt 1-2 oz. of blue cheese, stirring with a wire whisk. (You can substitute Roquefort or Stilton, if preferred.)

Remove pot from heat and add 2 T. brandy liquor. Put back on the flame and flambe the sauce: this cuts the alcohol and smooths the flavor.

Add the cream and brown gravy and then simmer til desired thickness is achieved. Keep warm over low heat.