Greg Soukup, a farmers market regular and local food enthusiast, is introducing a new suite of Callicrate Beef burgers to his cafe menu this summer. “I feel proud of the product and proud to hang the Callicrate Beef banner,” he says.

When it comes to eating local, your own garden is a great place to start, Greg says. Beyond that, he likes Callicrate Beef. “The quality of the beef is very good,” he says, citing the flavor and marbling. The Callicrate production protocol of range grazing followed by judicious grain finishing offers “the best of both worlds,” he adds.

The success of his guacamole bacon burger has been “phenomenal.” So when it came time to freshen up his menu for summer, Greg decided to add more burgers. As his theme, he is taking the most popular burger styles in town and creating his own variations. He’s already perfected a kimchi burger.

Also in the works: he plans to top his “Jiffy” burger with almond butter and white cheddar. He’s still developing a “Big Kahuna” Hawaiian-style burger. And he’s coming out with a classic pinto bean and ground beef chili. His weekly “farmers plate” will feature at least one seasonal item fresh from a local farm. “When summer rolls around, it’s really exciting,” he says.