Manure giveaway helps school gardens thrive

Residential, community and school gardens across the city are all benefiting from the rich natural composted manure that Ranch Foods Direct distributes through the annual Poopapalooza event and by special arrangement.


Since Scott Wilson started managing the garden at District 11’s Galileo School of Arts and Science in February, more than 100 new beds have been added.

He and Christine Faith, an urban homesteader and former science teacher at the school, are meshing the garden project with the curriculum as well as with district food services and with a farmers’ market operated by the student garden club at the nearby Colorado Springs Senior Center.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hackett (pictured) applies biodynamic practices to the garden at Mountain Song Community School, a D-11 charter where students interact with chickens, rabbits and dairy goats as well as plants. The school describes itself as “a relationship-based humanitarian education nurturing the body, mind and heart of every child” inspired by Waldorf School methods. (Photo below by Kirsten Young)

NEED MORE? Ranch Foods Direct hosted the annual “Poopapalooza” manure giveaway on Sept. 20. But there’s usually a tote of nature’s best fertilizer available at the store. Simply give them a call and let them know you’d like to come by and pick some up! (719) 473-2306