Best Place to Eat Local/Sustainable, Colorado Springs Independent

On the Menu: The famous ABC burger features avocado, bacon and Callicrate beef (shown above); Chef Lyn Harwell sources frequently from Ranch Foods Direct and other local suppliers for a creative and constantly changing menu

What’s Unique: This groundbreaking mix of great food and social mission marked its one-year-in-operation milestone in October and is still picking up steam. The cafe operates on a “pay what you can” model; instead of set prices, diners make a donation or have the option to work (and gain employment skills) in exchange for food. Roughly 35 percent of the cafe’s current customers are those in need, founder and chef Lyn Harwell says. But he wants to do more, way more. He’d like to expand the educational and work training opportunities and reach even more people. He details his plans in an online IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign that’s set on raising $50,000. Hurry and make your donation now: the campaign is scheduled to close Nov. 8.

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