“My meat tamales are strictly from old family recipes,” Lorena says. “My chicken and almond tamale is my mother’s recipe. But for my vegan tamale recipes I use J. L. Fields, a vegan author. Every Monday she has a radio show on KCMJ radio. My peach cobbler tamale is based on a recipe from one of her books (Vegan for Her and Vegan Pressure Cooking.) My mushroom and Anasazi beans tamale is another one I’ve adapted. I read her recipes, then add my own touch.”

RECIPE TIP: Most vegan recipes lend themselves to the addition of a meat component, if desired. “My apple, kale, broccoli and almond tamale would be wonderful with shredded chicken,” Lorena says.

RECENTLY TRIED: “This year I got my holiday turkey from Ranch Foods Direct, and my husband and I both agreed it was the best turkey we’ve ever had. Even the white meat was moist.”