Learn while you sample delicious recipes!

Judy Purcell’s first cooking class at Ranch Foods Direct was chock-full of great suggestions. If you wanted to attend but had a conflict, it’s not too late! She’s doing a second class with a grill theme on Saturday, July 16. And another on grilling seafood and fish August 13. Both classes run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Of her July 16 class, highlighting parties around the grill, she describes: “We’ll prepare succulent ribs, tender steak tacos, juicy burgers and kabobs by harnessing the magic of marinades and rubs with proper grilling techniques. We’ll also cover time-saving, make-ahead tips so your next party is more enjoyable for you. Peak season vegetables and fresh summer fruit will take a turn over the fire for quick, delicious sides and desserts perfect for warm summer evenings.”

During her first class in June, Judy demonstrated how to grill marinated chicken breasts and then grilled steaks on both an electric and a charcoal grill, sharing great tips along the way on things like how to choose the proper marinade, cut and thickness, and how to measure meat temps correctly during cooking. She introduced participants to some unusual flavor combinations as well, adding radishes to grilled tomato salsa and serving grilled asparagus alongside beets dressed in olive oil and Balsamic vinegar and topped with creamy goat cheese. She also shared her favorite “value” cut, the tri-tip, sampling it alongside rib-eye steaks. It got an enthusiastic thumbs-up from several class members.

After enjoying the various dishes, participants were sent home with recipes. “I think the selection of food was fantastic along with the tips she gave,” said Mary Kay Foreman, of Penrose, who took the class with her husband Mike. “I never thought to combine beets with vinegar and goat cheese but it really spiced them up. We usually get the sirloins here, and they are very good. But we may want to try the rib-eyes again just for something a little different.”
To see a schedule of Judy’s future classes or to sign-up, CLICK HERE.