Tucked behind the Triple Nickel Tavern neighborhood bar a jewel of a dining experience awaits at Brother Luck’s Street Eats. Inside the small red-brick and wood-paneled space, complete with a funky garage door in one corner and a stage for live music, the chef seats diners at a few tables or at the bar, all of which has the intimate feel of an eat-in kitchen at home. “It’s interactive. You get to talk to the chef and watch your food being done,” says Chef Luck with satisfaction. “That’s what I want. There’s no barriers.”

Callicrate Beef is among the locally sourced ingredients, which appeared on the menu during a recent evening in the form of a bacon jam burger, a New York strip steak with roasted wild mushrooms and a Mexican chorizo meatloaf, which was served in thick slices over jalapeno grits and topped with a fried egg and a guajillo chile sauce.

“I’ve worked at so many fine dining restaurants around the country, but I just want to make great food more approachable,” he says. The fun he’s having seasons every dish. And it’s thoroughly contagious.