Are you interested in:

– homemade, homegrown, and foraged food?
– supporting local food systems?
– trying new foods that you didn’t have to make?
– sharing your homemade foods with people who appreciate the time and skill that went into making them?
– sharing your garden’s bounty because you planted too many tomatoes/zucchini/tomatillos this year?
– trading for tasty foods before you’re buried under too many eggs from your backyard chickens or ducks?
– testing out ideas for a food-based business on a ready-made audience?

You’ve found your people! The Colorado Springs Food Swap is a regularly occurring gathering where participants swap food they made, grew, or foraged. No money changes hands for the foods that are swapped, and all swappers must bring food to trade in order to participate.

Interested in joining? Get more information and your ticket for the first swap (taking place on February 25) by clicking to reach the following website:

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