During Farm Stand Friday, Cynthia Chung has been selling intricate, delicate Chinese pretzels (in both sweet and savory variations) to raise donations for the Golden Lotus Foundation.

“We want to create a place in Colorado Springs where we can host activities and events and also have a central location so people who are looking for interpreters or other assistance can find us and get the help they need,” she explains.

The organization’s main goal is preserving Asian cultural traditions, including art, music and traditional tea ceremony: “We’re losing our heritage. Our parents never had any resources to help them educate the next generation about their culture. We want to change that.”

Asian cultural traditions include unique foods. One of Cynthia’s favorites is Lo Bak Go, aka Radish or Turnip Cake, typically served as a savory appetizer or side dish. It’s made from grated turnips (or Daikon radish) rice flour and chopped shrimp or sausage, prepared baked or steamed, and typically served with plum sauce.