“What brings you to Ranch Foods Direct today?”

Carolyn Eckert, Colorado Springs

Number of years as a Ranch Foods Direct customer:

Shopping for:
Soup bones, specifically knuckle bones, which are bigger and contain lots of marrow. You can’t get those at the grocery stores any more, because everything’s brought in pre-cut now and they don’t have them… That’s what gives my soups their great taste. Occasionally, I’ll pick up a steak, too, or some other item.

Cooking now:
Everyone in my family has the recipe for a really thick beef and vegetable stew. It makes 20 quarts, so we can make a bunch at one time and freeze it. I have a vacuum-sealer, and I put mine in those square tupperware containers so I can grab one whenever I want throughout the fall and winter.

In-store special request:
I have the store cut the soup bones in half so all of the marrow is exposed. That’s what makes the soup so good.

Interesting tip:
I’m helping to organize the annual Christmas sale at the First United Methodist Church downtown (420 North Nevada Avenue) December 6, 7 and 8th. This year we’re donating all of the proceeds to Seeds Community Cafe. Next time I’m in the store I’ll drop off a flyer.