WHAT BRINGS YOU TO RANCH FOODS DIRECT TODAY? It’s my first visit. My grandmother has pancreatic cancer so I’m making her a beef broth. I plan to brown some soup bones and then cook them in the crockpot for 48 hours; maybe add a little ginger for extra flavor.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS? It’s really easy to find the different meats. It’s organized very nicely. I didn’t have to ask anyone for help.

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? When I go to restaurants, if they advertise that they serve Callicrate Beef, I’m more apt to eat there. It’s great tasting, high quality meat. I like McCabe’s; they make a great burger. I work at Adams Mountain Cafe. We don’t use a lot of meat but we do get our vegetables from the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers Co-op.

WILL YOU SHOP HERE AGAIN? Definitely. You can get great cuts of meat and know where it’s coming from.