WHO DOES THE COOKING IN YOUR FAMILY? We both do, although Justin cooks more of the meat items.

WHAT ARE YOU BUYING TODAY? Something to barbecue. We’re thinking about steak: maybe a flatiron or a skirt steak.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP HERE? Once a month or so.

LIST SOME OF YOUR FAVORITES: Beef short ribs, stir fry and stew meat. We like to make a good old-fashioned stew or sometimes goulash.

WHY DO YOU SHOP AT RANCH FOODS DIRECT? (Justin) We had an extensive conversation when we first came here with the owner about how they treat the cows right. The biggest selling point for us is the humane treatment of the animals. (Christina) I didn’t eat any meat, until I got pregnant, and then when I did, it had to come from here!

ARE YOU COLORADO SPRINGS NATIVES? No, we’re from Brooklyn, New York. We’ve been in the Springs since 2013. We like both places. Things do close a little early here for our taste. If we could live here and have New York City off in the distance, that would be kind of fun.