DAY-JOB: Coaches archery. Homeschools.

A ground beef bundle. It’s an easy go-to for me. You know, at the last minute when you need something to make for dinner?

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS TO MAKE WITH IT? Meatballs. Sometimes I make my own sausage.

ALSO BUYING: Ciabatta bread. I usually bake myself, but some things are beyond my capabilities. I haven’t mastered sourdough yet. I’m a homeschooling mom, so I don’t necessarily always have a lot of extra time on my hands. This ciabatta is going to become garlic bread. I know, this is the cheater’s starting point, but, hey, it works me!

WHY DO YOU SHOP AT RANCH FOODS DIRECT? I’m one of those crunchy organic people who like to know where their food comes from. The good quality beef is really important to me. We have some food allergies in my family so I have to be careful what I buy. That’s why I love coming to a store where I know the food is free of artificial ingredients.