OCCUPATION: Former group exercise instructor for the Pikes Peak YMCA; now a personal trainer

HER STORY: I’ve been a vegetarian since age 14, about 26 years now. But my young son was eating quickly and not eating very much, so we decided we needed to have more high caloric, nutrient dense foods in his diet, including meat. I told my husband: okay, if we do this, I’m doing it my way. I started looking for meat sources and doing my research and I found Ranch Foods Direct.

The first time I walked into the store I was literally blown away. For someone who felt like a fish out of water, they made me feel so comfortable! Everyone treated me with so much respect. One of the butchers even came out from the back and gave me a tour of the entire store. It makes me feel good to shop there; it makes me feel like I’m not going against my own ideals.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Fully cooked smoked diced ham; sandwich meats; buffalo cuts; chicken tenders