“What brings you to Ranch Foods Direct today?”

Teri Switzer, Colorado Springs

How long have you been shopping here and how often do you shop?
I started shopping at Ranch Foods Direct within the last year, and I usually come in once or twice a month.

What are shopping for today?
A little bit of everything. Steaks and pork chops, ground pork, the usual stuff. We really like the center cut pork chops, the sirloin tips, the hamburger and the ground pork. And the sweet Italian sausage.

Why do you continue to shop here?
Because it’s meat with no hormones, just good healthy food, and it’s local. I like the variety, the fact that I can get cheese, turkey, chicken, veal and even good seafood. I like the option of getting my meat fresh or frozen. It’s nice that I can run in and get something that won’t need four hours to thaw.

Do you try to eat lighter or healthier or otherwise differently after the holidays?
We try not to overdo it at any time of the year. We always work at being healthy and staying in shape. So we stick with our little routine. We cook outside on the grill all year round, although I notice we do eat more seafood in the summer, more beef and pork in the winter.

Are there other things you like about Ranch Foods Direct?
When I’m in a real hurry, it’s great that I can stop at Mountain Mama Natural Foods (1625 W. Uintah) and grab something there. It’s nowhere near the selection but I can usually count on getting a steak, some hamburger or stew meat, something like that. In the summer, I like being able to get my meat and bread from the farmers market in Old Colorado City.