We ask random shoppers: what brings you to Ranch Foods Direct?

SHOPPING FOR: Bristol Beer brats and sourdough bread to wrap them in

HOW LONG SHE’S BEEN A CUSTOMER: Several years… maybe seven?

WHY SHE SHOPS RANCH FOODS DIRECT: I’ve been involved in the Green Cities Coalition and the sustainability movement. That’s how I found out about it.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: The flatiron steak. We always cook it on the grill, even in the winter. My husband says if it’s over 45 degrees, we have to grill. Oh, and he’s crazy about the popcorn.

SOURCE OF RECIPES: The Joy of Cooking is where I learned to cook and I kind of got stuck there. We eat at home most of the time but we eat simple stuff, salad and things like that. I’m creative at everything else, just not cooking.

CREATIVE PURSUITS: I make tote bags out of used vinyl bags and advertising banners (click for The Bag Ladies on Facebook) I’m a kids’ yoga teacher, and I do graphic design.

ON THE DOWNTOWN PUBLIC MARKET PROJECT: I’m excited about it. I’m excited just to know where my food comes from and to know I’ll be feeding my family healthy food, things that are fresh and in season. The market will be like a Ranch Foods Direct store only with even more variety. I think that makes it easier to make good choices.