Greenhorn Acres deliveries continue throughout the summer

By running a Community Supported Agriculture program, Marcy Nameth and her four sons are able to share the vagaries of farm life with several volunteers who help on the farm and also with their customers who get weekly CSA deliveries, recipes and updates.

Martha Rosenau, shown at right, a dietitian and owner of Peak Nutrition LLC., is a long-time customer of Marcy’s Greenhorn Acres CSA, which drops off weekly deliveries at Ranch Foods Direct. “The produce is exquisite, and that matters a lot. I use every bit of what I get,” she says. “Some years there’s just not a lot of produce but you still have to pay the farm, that’s just part of the deal. But it’s important to me to know that nothing is sprayed with chemicals.” She also loves having a personal connection with the farm family she supports with her subscription. “That’s something I can do to make a difference,” she says.

Martha fortifies her produce deliveries with meat from Ranch Foods Direct, which she uses mostly as a flavoring agent for produce-driven dishes. “Since 1989, I have never purchased meat that did not come from a clean source,” she says. Her favorite meat dish is a flank or skirt steak finished with fresh herbs on top, sliced and served over a fresh salad with goat cheese and more fresh herbs.

Kari Anne Kunau, shown at right, is another happy CSA member. “I didn’t even know I liked salad,” she exclaims. “It makes such a difference when everything is so fresh.” The CSA has given her a chance to try some new items, like mustard greens and dill, in salads and on sandwiches. “One day I took my bag of greens to the office and shared them around with everyone at lunch,” she said. “I didn’t even know what it all was! But it was neat. Everyone loved it.”

Contact Marcy if you want to subscribe; there’s still time to sign-up on a pro-rated basis and get fresh fruit and produce for the rest of the season!