THE SCOOP: Ranch Foods Direct is now providing a delivery and distribution point for Hi Plains Dairy, a goat and cow dairy located on the eastern plains that offers goat or cow shares in exchange for convenient weekly deliveries of farm-fresh milk. Everything is bottled to the highest Grade A standards.

THE BACKSTORY: Jim and Angela Smith started the dairy in 2003 with several breeds of goats. Last year, they added Jersey cows. The operation is a labor of love for them both. Jim is a former cabinetmaker and professional body builder. Angela grew up visiting her grandfather’s 75-cow dairy near Platteville and was a one-time Greeley Stampede rodeo queen. She is also a registered nurse.

As a result of their backgrounds, the couple takes an avid interest in human health and the production of wholesome food. They dote lovingly on their livestock. “Our animals are spoiled. They all have names,” Jim says. “There’s a serenity and a spirituality that comes through the animals. We don’t butcher any of them for meat.”

WHY RANCH FOODS DIRECT: Hi Plains Dairy has several distribution locations and is experiencing strong demand, but the Smiths felt the fit was right for establishing a new drop-off at Ranch Foods Direct. “I was so excited after being at the store,” describes Angela. “I said to myself, this is it!” Mike Callicrate, owner of Ranch Foods Direct, is equally enthusiastic after touring their farm. “Theirs is the kind of business we want to build back up in our communities,” he says. “The milk quality is excellent.”

UP NEXT: The Smiths are eager to expand their offerings by making yogurt and cheese as well as jams and jellies. Located about 35 minutes straight east of Colorado Springs near Calhan, they also look forward to engaging the public about the importance of healthy food and farming.

“We want to invite kids out and do tours. I think that’s where we’re going to make the biggest difference,” Angela says.