Ranch Foods Direct Callicrate Beef chuck roasts, only $7.39 per pound. Juicy, tender and affordable! One roast is enough to feed a crowd!

Local organic produce: Beets from DiSanti Farms of Pueblo, $2.49 a bunch;
fresh fruit from over the mountain at Austin Farms (a Colorado favorite)
apricots, $4.99 per lb, and sweet Bing cherries, $3.75 per bag;
Colorado grown zucchini, $2.99 per pound.

Callicrate eggs, available for individual purchase, 75 cents each;
or by the dozen, now at a great low summer price of $5.25.

From Mountain Pie Co., several flavors of savory meat pies, including their latest, Cider Pork and Apple. Yum! Plus much more!

pricing and stock subject to change