Buying in bulk saves a lot; offers great variety for less cost
Plus, find great late summer pork specials throughout the store

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, Ranch Foods Direct is launching the Pig Pool program to compliment the existing Cow Pool program.
Pooling is similar to the CSA model, in which customers buy a share of a farm’s production and then get their product delivered throughout the season. In the case of meat, the customer is simply buying a portion of an animal as reflected in the percentage of chops, hams, ribs, roasts, fresh side and ground pork sausage that are bundled together.

“You can buy a portion of a pig or you can encourage friends and family to go ‘whole hog’ and share an entire animal between them,” says Ranch Foods Direct owner Mike Callicrate (shown). “There’s a significant savings to the customer, but it also helps the farmer by allowing him to sell the whole animal rather than trying to find a market for all the different parts and pieces.”

“We timed this special promotion to give our customers a chance to stock up for hearty meals they can enjoy throughout the fall and winter,” he adds.

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