With Callicrate Beef bone broth, now it’s easier than ever to enrich your fall soups and stews with a natural broth made from healthy, humanely raised cattle. Ready to heat-and-eat, made in-house at Ranch Foods Direct and filled with gelatin, that shimmering translucent protein that enhances skin, teeth, hair, nails, bones and joints, and also improves digestion. A wonderful cooking ingredient for making gravies, stocks and sauces, with exceptional richness and nutritional benefits. It’s fortifying AND satisfying!

Bone broth in 28-oz containers: now $8.75 each

Start with 28 ounces of broth, simmer and reduce it by half and you end up with a beautiful richly concentrated demi-glace sauce!

(For directions on how to turn beef stock into demi, CLICK HERE.)