THE SCOOP: After moving to the Springs – a city she loves for its collective determination to support local  – Montserrat “Monse” Hines (above) decided to share a culinary tradition of her native El Salvador. “This is the food of our country, the food that represents us, like the taco in Mexico,” she says of her pupusas, which are similar to a stuffed quesadilla. “In my country, you will find these selling 24 hours a day. They can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.” Her version is handmade from organic corn masa flour and includes local ingredients (such as roasted green chilies from Milberger Farms.) Fully cooked and frozen, the pupusas simply need to be reheated on an electric griddle, a hot grill or in the oven. (Cost is $5.99 for a 10-oz bag; look for them in the freezer section.)

BACK STORY: Back in her tiny hometown, Monse’s mom was the first generation of her family to have an oven, electric heater or a car. But Monse looks back on her simple childhood with great fondness. “I really appreciate the way I was raised. It makes you appreciate things more”… including good food.