Fun and tasty grill classes are here to help you “up” your game…

ON THURSDAY, JUNE 15: Ranch Foods Direct and the Colorado Springs Grill Store team up to present their June grilling class. This time it’s Spatchcock & Beer Can Chicken, on Thursday, June 15th @ 7pm. Cost: $55 with take-home chicken (chicken is from Twisted Pines Farm of Black Forest, CO) or $30 without the take-home chicken. Limited availability. Call 719-473-2306 ext. 2 to reserve your spot before the class fills up!

Twisted Pines is a small family farm near Black Forest with a commitment to producing fresh food, humanly raised meats and using sustainable farming practices. They also host educational workshops at their farm. Their free range chicken is juicy and fresh, and only available via direct purchase.

ON SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Judy Purcell, right, author of the cookbook Serve and Savor: Nourishing Health, Family & Community, (available in store) and author of the Savoring Today blog is back with more enjoyable and tasty grilling classes featuring high quality meat from Ranch Foods Direct! Her special Father’s Day class on Saturday, June 17, will include side-by-side comparisons of rib-eye steaks and other tasty but more affordable “value cuts.”

You’ll also learn about grilling techniques, rubs versus marinades, how to test for proper doneness and how to finish things off with a flourish. As Judy says: you’ll be ready to impress your dad with a special steak dinner on Father’s Day…or you can reserve a spot in the class to give him as a gift! Class participation includes a complimentary sample of Judy’s own smoked chile steak rub.

Cost is $65 per person. To get more details or buy tickets (or to give the class to someone else as a gift) CLICK HERE for Judy’s Facebook events page. (You can also email her with questions at