“What brings you to Drifters Hamburgers today?”

Names: Blake Traxler and Cang Nguyen, IT specialists with Colorado Computer Support

Sighted at: Drifters Hamburgers original location, 4455 Mark Dabling Blvd.

What brings you here:
The “double” is just the right amount, it’s perfect. It’s two patties with grilled onions and the special Drifters sauce… It seems like this place is a little bit under the radar, but once people are made aware of it, they’re convinced and the word spreads… The price is pretty comparable to other fast food places but the quality is so much better. It’s Callicrate Beef, which is the best beef anywhere. And the convenience factor is nice.

Describe your Ranch Foods Direct shopping experience:
Blake: When I first went to Ranch Foods Direct just to look, I asked (owner) Mike Callicrate what he would recommend and he said the culotte (a top sirloin cap steak). That was the best piece of meat I’ve ever had, and I’m not exaggerating! When you go to somewhere like an Outback Steakhouse after that, it’s just not going to be anywhere close to the same.

Cang: The level of customer service is great. And I personally like what Ranch Foods Direct offers. It’s either local or at least they know where it comes from. I like their minimalist approach. It puts me at ease.

Blake: I agree. Knowing they are committed to doing the right thing is definitely reassuring.