As Americans all across the country finish casting ballots and wait with equal parts anticipation and dread for Tuesday’s election, Ranch Foods Direct continues to make it easy to vote with your dollar for healthy, tasty, one-of-a-kind products from local farms, processors and kitchens! Support the local economy and select USA products whenever possible… it’s your patriotic duty, but also an easy, rewarding and often delicious choice!

NEW IN STORE: Need a break from TV campaign ads and 24-hour election coverage? Get out and winterize your garden with premium Garden Mulch with Biochar! Recommended for fall application, this product helps retain soil moisture, protect plants and stimulate beneficial microbial life. (Avoid tilling or disturbing mulch and soil after application to prevent disruption of soil microbes.)

Ranch Foods Direct now carries a full line of high quality gardening products for use throughout the year! Directions are printed on the packaging. (Or just ask!)