Mike Callicrate knew after 25 years in the cattle business that the beef he was producing for the commodity market at his St. Francis, Kansas farm and ranch could be better.

After being blackballed by the big four meat packers for speaking out against their near monopoly control of the markets, which was driving independent cattlemen like him out of business, Callicrate was forced to close down his cattle operations in 1999. The cattle company was reopened about a year later when Callicrate developed a plan to go around the big packers, selling his beef direct to consumers. He put everything he knew about raising cattle and producing good beef into what is called Callicrate Beef.

Now, nothing stands in the way of quality. The hormone-antibiotic-free cattle live a quality of life that sets a new high standard, ending in the final processing which is done in a slow, careful and safe manner. The beef is then aged with care and cut to your order.

Callicrate Beef really is the best beef anywhere! It isn’t available from big meat packers, national chain grocery stores or large chain restaurants. It is only available at Ranch Foods Direct and other independently owned markets and eateries – those that demand the best quality and who want to have a connection with the ranch where the animals were raised .