Goodies with a goal: preserving traditions

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During Farm Stand Friday, Cynthia Chung has been selling intricate, delicate Chinese pretzels (in both sweet and savory variations) to raise donations for the Golden Lotus Foundation. “We want to create a place in Colorado Springs where we can host activities and events and also have a central location so people who are looking for interpreters or other assistance can … Read More

Farm Stand Friday continues in August

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Get beautiful homegrown tomatoes, peppers, squash and many other kinds of produce, along with handmade tamales, cinnamon rolls, bread and more at Farm Stand Fridays, from 3 to 6 p.m., at Ranch Foods Direct! This is a chance to personally meet a few of the people who grow your food… including Grant Goldberg, owner of Twisted Pines Farm… Grant (above) … Read More

Every jar at The Good Jar is still individually packed by hand

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Eric Vierra, owner of The Good Jar, visited Ranch Foods Direct last month during Farm Stand Friday; to meet customers and hand out samples of his pickles, relishes and deliciously unique rhubarb-fig spread. Pickling and preserving started out as his passion, but eventually it turned into something more. “I decided the culmination of all of my talents would be to … Read More

‘Tis the season for vine-ripened tomatoes and many other summer favorites…

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Expect to find a diverse mix of fresh produce items at today’s farm stand. Many of your favorite vendors will be back, including Lorena, owner of Azteca Gourmet, who returns from a two-week trip to Oaxaca and will have freshly made Oaxacan-style mole tamales and sauces! Be sure to inquire about her unique dessert tamales too! (How does blueberry-basil sound?) … Read More

Neighborhood farm builds model to inspire local food economy

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Prospect Farm, located in the same neighborhood as Ranch Foods Direct, at 3403 N. Prospect, is run by Sophie Javna and Mercedes Whitney (from left, shown above) two Colorado College alums who live on-site. Prospect Farm is the original “tiny farm” launched last year by Pikes Peak Urban Gardens’ Small Farms initiative. Chatting with Mercedes and Sophie, it’s clear that … Read More

Fish meets fire during Judy’s next grilling class!

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Judy Purcell will be back at Farm Stand Friday to grill samples of Callicrate pork, seasoned with her homemade rubs, on Friday Aug. 5 from 3 to 6 p.m! Judy is offering her last grilling class of the summer on Saturday, August 13, at Ranch Foods Direct. Her topic will be how to grill fish and seafood. CLICK HERE to … Read More

Farm Stand Friday continues every Friday from 3-6 p.m.

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Above, great finds from last week’s Farm Stand Friday: (from left) beautiful delicious Tongue of Fire heirloom beans, from the Galileo School Garden; a Red Rubin basil plant from King Basil’s (many other varieties of basil for sale too) and beautiful mixed greens from Prospect Farm. Many of your favorite vendors will be back this Friday, including Lorena Jakubczak, owner … Read More

New vendor to offer banquet of basil

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Nothing conveys summer like the sweet, bright fragrance of basil! Today’s Farm Stand Friday will feature King Basil’s, a local company that grows beautiful organic basil. They sell 12 varieties of live basil plants, handmade basil salt and packaged fresh basil. CLICK HERE for recipe suggestions that include traditional basil pesto and an amazing sounding Italian-style ragu meat sauce! Today’s … Read More

Farm Stand Friday continues at Ranch Foods Direct

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New hours! Meet local vendors from 3-6 p.m. Visit the Facebook page, CLICK HERE, to get the latest details on who will participate each week. Small farmers, home gardeners, food artisans and bakers: Ranch Foods Direct has room for more vendors! Bring your excess produce to sell. If you want to be part of Farm Stand Friday, contact Nichole at … Read More