Have you heard? There’s a food swap in town! Next swap: Feb. 25

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Are you interested in: – homemade, homegrown, and foraged food? – supporting local food systems? – trying new foods that you didn’t have to make? – sharing your homemade foods with people who appreciate the time and skill that went into making them? – sharing your garden’s bounty because you planted too many tomatoes/zucchini/tomatillos this year? – trading for tasty … Read More

Eating is a Moral Act

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Eating is a moral act because it is a human act, and human acts can be morally evaluated. As we produce less of our own food in our communities, we have become disconnected from our food supply – a food supply that increasingly places short-term profit above all else.

Locals March Against Monsanto

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We know that guy wearing the red Callicrate Beef Tshirt! And, we would like to give him – Tim Danahey, The Tim Danahey Show – a “shout out” for promoting local and promoting community in the March Against Monsanto! This photo was captured by Matthew Schniper with the Colorado Springs Independent from last Saturday’s local March Against Monsanto rally along … Read More

Want Real Meat?

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Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR) is an extremely profitable practice in today’s industrial meat industry. What was once rendered into pet food is now being sold at much higher prices as meat for human consumption. Contrary to the perception that meat is removed from the bones with AMR, the bones, along with the meat on the bones, is pulverized and blended … Read More